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Breeding continues

Posted by kirtzingerquarterhorses on 28 April, 2009 at 1:23

We're about halfway through the breeding season and we've been busy!  

The Equine Distemper we experienced early in January 2009 has resolved itself and we are clean.  Presently, we have 8 outside mares here and some are just about to head home, safe in foal, happy and healthy.

Our first Jose baby of 2009 is on the ground and she's a beauty with a bald face and 2 matching hind socks.  I hope to have some pictures of her posted soon.  She's going to be tall and flashy!   The Custer babies are going to be typey!  The buckskin colt has grown 3" already and he's going to be tall with a "V'ed" chest already.  Eva's filly is really starting to fill out and will be a tough show contender in the future!  Most of our babies are for sale, so please check them out on the 2009 foals page.

Give us a call today to book your mares or to check out our horses for sale.  We are willing to make package deals and take payments.


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